Why Use A Variable Message Sign (VMS) To Promote Your Business?

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Variable Message Signs are a fantastic option for promoting your business as they enable you to have a dialogue with your potential customers, keeping them informed of what’s new.

People regularly passing your business are great potential clients. You are in their comfort zone geographically and convenient. Now you just need to engage with them and inspire them to act and come on in, which is what VMS are great at
VMS boards display your key bits of information, and you can change what you want to tell people as often as you like to get as many facts out there as you want.

The secret is not to make your messages too complex; keep them short and intriguing – IE Winters Best Bargains; Now Open Sunday; Latest seasons stock just arrived; Buy now, pay next year.

You can choose how long you want to display your messages, I recommend at least 4 days, and then change to another call for action. This way you can embed each key message and keep your VMS interesting. If drivers see the same message every time they start to tune out – keep your VMS vibrant and mix up your messages and calls for action.

Or you might want your VMS to display a different message during the day and evening, and weekends.
You can also use your VMS to sing your praises – Voted No1 Vic Dealership 2018; Over 1000 members cant be wrong; 83kg lost in March – go Weight Busters !!; operating since 1980, etc. Let your potential customers get to know you and become familiar with what your business is about.

VMS boards are all about communication – be creative but concise. Remember people are driving and don’t have the luxury to read 10 screens on your VMS – we recommend no more than 4. Repetition is your friend.
Make friends with potential customers by making your VMS messages personal – don’t forget to spoil your Mum, 10 sleeps till Christmas, Winter is Coming – is your Heating good to go; etc

Finally a VMS is very affordable to hire. It is one of the cheapest forms of advertising available. Your VMS displays messages to potentially hundreds of new customers who are in your area, day and night.
Improve the effectiveness of your sales and special offers with a well placed VMS and let it help bring the customers inside for your sales team to work their magic. A VMS is basically your Salesman on the street getting peoples attention, and for a lot less than paying someone to stand there waving a sign .

Why Use A Variable Message Sign (VMS) To Promote Your Business?
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