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Arrow Boards

Changing road conditions can cause much confusion and stress amongst drivers. The need to constantly monitor traffic can also cause workers a lot of added stress. Without proper measures in place to inform and direct, people can start to get agitated and accidents can occur.

This is where arrow boards come in. They are the ideal solution to direct traffic through altered road conditions. From construction projects, work zone and roadwork applications, to events and festivals, arrow boards are one of the best ways to ensure the safety of both drivers and workers. Not only do they provide a safer work area for workers, they also reduce traffic congestion.


Favoured for their easy operation, arrow boards are an essential piece of traffic management equipment for areas where the traffic needs to be diverted. Whether it’s a suburban street, main road in the CBD, or busy highway, directional arrow boards are an effective and efficient means to direct traffic and offer a number of features, including:

  • LED displayed directional arrows
  • Ultra bright LED lights for clear visibility
  • Solar powered
  • Trailer mounted and registered
  • Environmentally friendly

What types of businesses use arrow boards?

Arrow boards are widely used across Australia by local councils, government departments and agencies, in addition to blue-chip organizations and general contractors.

At Samson Hire, all of our trailer-mounted arrow boards provide clients with a durable, cost effective solution for their day-to-day operations. In fact they are suitable for delivering advance warning and directional information to divert and control traffic for all kinds or maintenance activities, as well short-tern and long-tern construction projects.

If you are looking to hire one or more arrow boards as part of your traffic management system, Samson Hire has you covered. Our number one focus is total customer satisfaction. No matter what piece of equipment you are looking to rent, you can bet you’ll be provided with top-level quality – and that goes not just for the equipment we supply but also the service you receive from our highly experienced, knowledgeable and friendly representatives.

We can also offer several other signage and advertising options for rent including light towers as well as traffic lights.Get in touch today by calling 1800 77 88 99 to discuss your requirements with us directly, or alternatively use our handy enquiry form to send us a message, and we will get back to you shortly.
Arrow Boards for Traffic Control
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