4 Incredible Benefits of Inflatable Advertising

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Do you want your business to reach as many potential customers as possible in an eye catching, attention grabbing way? Inflatable advertising is proving to be an increasingly versatile strategy to effectively draw more awareness. Whether its rooftop balloons or inflatable dancing men, this form of outdoor advertising is often seen at grand openings, festivals and exclusive sales. Here are 4 incredible benefits of using inflatable advertising to convey your marketing message.

Large Visual Impact

Most signage options, whether conventional billboards or creative signage alternatives, are limited by being one dimensional. Unlike large banners or billboards, inflatable signage options are readable and visible from a full 360-degree angle. Most inflatable signage options are highly noticeable because they come in many different shapes and sizes, standing out to customers and crowds. While being the perfect tool to achieve maximum visual exposure for sales and events, inflatable signage will increase foot traffic, potentially generating more sales.

Increased brand recognition

Many balloons can be inflated into a desirable product shape i.e. a car or a football, making them the perfect advertising tool to increase overall brand recognition. Given an intriguing design and color, customers will be able to instantly notice an inflatable balloon or a dancing man blowing in the wind, therefore its presence will be recognizable. This type of advertising is difficult to ignore for anyone in proximity and will help your business stand out from the crowd against its competitors.

Higher mobility

Unlike a billboard that’s rooted to the ground or a sign that sits on a rooftop, inflatable advertising can be set up in a variety of locations. Most inflatable devices are simple to prepare and can be easily stored away, meaning hassle-free set-up and set-down. Most rooftop balloons now come with the option to have interchangeable or detachable banners, giving you the ability to customize how you want to market your product.

Cost effective marketing

When compared to fixed advertising banners or billboards in terms of reach, using inflatable rooftop balloons or dancing men can be a cost effective option. Given its multi-dimensional nature, conveying your message through inflatable advertising will be much more valuable than using fixed signage with only one angle of display, all while being a more affordable choice. Are you considering incorporating inflatable advertising into your business’ marketing strategy? Samson Hire offers a variety of affordable options including rooftop balloons and dancing men to reach the right audiences. Contact the professional team at Samson Hire on 1800 77 88 99 or email us at info@samsonhire.com.au.
4 Incredible Benefits of Inflatable Advertising
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