How to Use Light Towers Effectively on Your Construction Site

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Light towers are one of the most important elements of a construction site’s health and safety measures for work conducted in darkness. Workers need reliable visibility to move vehicles, handle equipment and follow procedures to ensure safe actions are carried out in a productive manner. In this blog. we discuss the critical aspects of installing light towers on your construction site.

Choose the Right Light Tower

The most common types of light towers adopted by construction sites are typically heavy trailer and portable small cart-like bases. Heavy trailers are powered by large engines, giving their light greater strength and coverage, but their weight and size make them better suited to endure tough environments where they will not need frequent transport. Towers with smaller, cart-like bases, however, are powered by lighter weight solar batteries, meaning they are far better for smaller construction sites with constant changes to layout.

How Much Lighting is Required?

If light is not covering the entirety of a work site, then progress of projects will be slowed by transport delays, failure to effectively conduct tasks, and accidents requiring attention. Contractors should therefore always calculate the amount of foot candles a construction site needs, as well as account for weather conditions changing quickly, influencing visibility. Rain in the late afternoon may also result in light towers being needed earlier than usual to ensure the site is adequately illuminated.

Positioning the Light Towers

The safety of workers on-site is of the utmost importance to project managers. Positioning light towers in correct locations on site ensures all areas are bright while keeping everyone safe. A flat and stable surface is crucial for determining the right location for a light tower. If a tower is placed on unstable ground, the safety of workers will be compromised by the risk of falls. Overhead obstructions can cause just as many problems as unstable ground, and power lines and trees may also reduce the effectiveness of a light tower and cause safety issues.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Light towers with internal combustion engines powered by diesel or gasoline will require air and fuel filter checks regularly. The other important part of maintaining a light tower involves the bulbs. Metal Halide lamps will need to be replaced more frequently than LED lamps as they burn at higher temperatures. By choosing light towers with LED lamps, you will be saving time on regular maintenance of your light tower. Light towers are an essential part of any construction site. They ensure workers can complete their projects with maximum visibility so they do their jobs safely. Samson Hire offer diesel led light towers ideal for roadworks and are available for customer pick up or delivery. For more information about hiring a light tower for your construction site, contact Samson Hire on 1800 77 88 99.
How to Use Light Towers Effectively on Your Construction Site
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