Large Variable Message Signs

Product Description:

Hire VMS Signs & Boards with Trailer

Large VMS Boards

Our variable message signs (VMS) are perfect for roadwork advice, traffic diversion, accident management, directional information, safety messages and speeding messages. Our VMS hire services make your signing process easy, no matter what your needs are. Our many VMS rental features can cater to any requirement, whether it’s for marketing or roadwork purposes. With 24/7 continuous display, remote message changes and ultra bright LED lights for clear visibility, our solar powered VMS board features have automatic brightness control for all lighting conditions. On top of that, our VMS signs include a VMS trailer which is mounted and registered, as well as a multi-frame display.


  • 24/7 continuous display
  • Remote message changes
  • Ultra bright LED lights for clear visibility
  • Solar powered
  • Automatic brightness control for all lighting conditions
  • Trailer mounted and registered
  • Multi frame display


Large Variable Message Sign*

  • Length: 3.8m
  • Width: 2.4m
  • Height: 2.7m
  • Screen: 2.6m Wide x 1.6m High
*Sizes may vary

Our services include:

  • vms boards
  • vms signs
  • vms hire
  • vms rental
  • vms trailer
Large Variable Message Signs

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