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Light Towers

Light Towers were once only used on construction sites or for night works, but light towers are now being used for so much more.  It seems this portable source of light, like laptops and phones, has hit the public domain, making light towers a new go to piece of equipment.

Below are some ways light towers are now being used.

  • Use a light tower to increase the hours of your fetes or family days. No longer does mother nature dictate when its time to call it a night, so more events can now be planned midweek and extended later into the night.
  • Have that engagement party or 21st at home and keep the party outside with a light tower keeping the whole backyard well illuminated.
  • Street parties are becoming more common as people are starting to socialise more at home and with neighbours and by using a light tower no-one has to sacrifice their house or garden – keep it on the street and extra bright to cut down on slips and fall hazards.
  • Improve the safety of your customers or clients and have your carpark well illuminated with a well placed light tower. Not only will the light tower reduce the risk of falling it will increase user safety as those dark spots are eliminated.
  • Fun runs and sporting events are now extending their functions after the main event and into the night as people enjoy sharing memories and using a light tower means you can keep the atmosphere going.
  • Evening markets are more popular than ever and including a band to keep the market going into the evening is increasing crowd numbers, hours spent at the market and most importantly increased dollars spent. For the cheap cost of hiring a light tower you can gain an extra 3 or 4 hours and dramatically increase your crowd appeal.
  • Open nights for childcare centres can now be held on midweek nights for working parents to attend after work. A light tower means that vital outside play area can be well displayed and the kids can enjoy showing their parents their favourite games and pieces of play equipment.

Of course light towers will always be used for night works and to improve lighting where pedestrian traffic is heavy or conditions have changed, but now more than ever a light tower is marketing tool that allows businesses and people to extend how and where they congregate.

For your next light tower hire call Samson Hire on 1800 77 88 99 and illuminate your event.

Light Towers and the way they are Used
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