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Outdoor Event

Whether it be for a sales event or a private function, outdoor events are a fantastic way to entertain and drawn in a crowd. Executing an outdoor event is not necessarily simple, however. There are many things to consider when outside in the elements, so a very different plan of attack must be created for outdoor events.

In this blog presented by the event experts at Samson Hire, we give you some great tips to help you put on the best outdoor event possible.

Decide on an effective location

The location of your event plays an instrumental part in the general feeling of your event. When considering your location, it’s important to factor in the number of guests (and whether the space will fit them all with ease), and whether the space is easily accessible.

The space needs to be accessible in order to make logistics as simple as possible. Although a mountaintop might give your guests a great view, it might be a bit difficult to transport bulkier items like outdoor signs and generators (if required).

When considering your location and related outdoor venue, it’s also crucial to consider amenities. An adequate number of portable toilets, portable furniture and car parking spaces will ensure your guests won’t have to be too stressed out on the day.

Main roads are also to be avoided – loud traffic can be distracting, or worse yet drown out the sound of conversations, announcements and music, which guests made have an issue with!

Choosing the right outdoor signs

Because there’s so much more area to work with outdoors, the need to choose signs more cleverly becomes crucial. Outdoors signs can vary hugely, and can include banners, wooden signs, or roadside signs.

When you’ve chosen your signs, consideration should then be applied to how they are positioned – if you’re spending big money on a sign, you should always make sure that it’s visible and accessible by the entire crowd, not just a few attendees. Big doesn’t mean that you cram as many words or images on it as possible, either – depicting your message in a clean, concise way is the way your guests will be better informed.

The design of the sign is also important. Using colors in place of plain backgrounds and using eye-catching fonts (without going too crazy) will help direct your guests and ensure they find what they’re looking for with ease. This is also useful in the case of roadside signs, where colours can better help attract the interest of passers-by.

Be aware of the weather

It’s very easy to get swept up in the planning of your event to the point where something is important as weather. If there’s even a chance of rain, it is necessary for you to ensure shelter is provided. This doesn’t just mean one tent, either – if you have many guests attending, it’s important consider what would be required if they all needed shelter at the same time.

Bad weather doesn’t just mean rain and thunder, though. If it’s a particularly hot day you will need to have supplied shaded areas so that event-goers won’t be sweating it out for the entire day. Supplying water on these hot days is also a very good idea, as the potential for people to become dehydrated increases exponentially.

All it takes is a monitoring of weather in the lead up to your event so that even if the weather does take a turn for the worst, you’ll be completely prepared. Don’t let all of your planning and budget be thrown out due to some unexpected rainfall – prepare for troublesome weather!

Hosting The Perfect Outdoor Event
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