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LED Advertising Sign

An LED Advertising Sign, also known as a Trailer Mounted Advertising Sign or Variable Message Sign (ie VMS) is a highly cost effective way to communicate with people who are in your area.

They work day and night, 7 days a week so shift workers are also exposed to the messages on your Advertising Sign.   The reach of an LED Advertising Sign is huge, especially if your business is located on a major or busy road and your Advertising Sign can be seen clearly by drivers..

The key to getting the most out of your LED Advertising Sign is simple and comes back to the universal KISS theory – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Do not try and communicate too much information at once on your Advertising Sign. Short simple statements works best when advertising with Variable Message Signs. Avoid the temptation to go into too much detail, remember the Advertising Signs purpose is to get people into your business – once they are there you can tell them the details and cross sell across your product range.

One of the most effective messages for an Advertising Sign is: HUGE SALE – NOW ON – ENDS (insert date) . This message can be displayed on your Advertising Sign in BIG letters that is easily read and generates interest – it’s a call for people to go to your store now to see what is on Sale and what bargains they can grab, and hopefully see other items of interest while they are there.

Do not put limitations on your Advertising Sign – like 20 % off hand held tools.  You are having a sale – that’s the important message for your Advertising Sign to convey.  Let your customers see what is on sale when they enter the store and how big the saving is – unless it’s a big saving (50% off) or a much desired product or brand – NIKE ON SALE NOW.

Repetition is key when programming your Advertising Sign. Some drivers will see your Advertising Sign for 5 seconds, others for 30 seconds or longer because they are stuck in traffic or stopped at a Traffic Light or Give Way sign. They will not necessarily see the entire series of messages on your Advertising Sign so plan your messages to make sense in chunks with your company name repeated frequently. Remember your Advertising Sign is promoting your Business – don’t be scared to repeat it.

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How to Get the Most out of your LED Advertising Sign
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