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Brand With Mesmerising Event Design

Creating a visually beautiful venue is the perfect way to make your event, and therefore your brand, as memorable as possible. Making sure the design of your event reflects how you want your brand to be received takes time, effort and careful consideration of what your brand really means.

Putting these elements into practice can be difficult, so to make it easier, we’ve assembled a few great tips to help your event have the best design aesthetic possible.

Properly using your space

Think of the space you have as a blank canvas – there are so many things you could do to instantly change the feeling of your event, so it’s important to know how guests will end up experiencing the space you have.

Knowing how your guests will enter and exit your event is the first step to knowing how and where to apply specific design elements designed to be eye catching. It is also possible to guide guests by organizing and placing objects to steer them in your ideal direction. This way you can guide them to specific key areas without them even realizing.  Achieving this requires some finesse, as a space should never be overcrowded, even if there is a temptation to decorate a bare space in every way possible.

Making the most of light

Light often ties in directly with space, as a well-executed light display can make a space seem either small or larger depending on the intended aesthetic goal. Light can also be used to direct your audience in a similar fashion to objects. Creating these lines of light gives an audience a clear path, steering them to specific areas to ensure that particular branding displays catch the attention of your audience.

As well as the broad practical uses, light is an excellent way to create mood and influence emotion. Different colors have the power to elicit different feelings from a crowd and are even more effective at night. For daytime shows, making use of natural light is a great way to open a space right up.

Applying patterns and colors

As mentioned previously, colors have the ability to influence how people feel. Warm colors, such as reds, organizes and yellows, allow people to relax and think more creatively. Cool colors, like blues and greens, offer a soothing, professional feel that aids in helping attendees concentrate.  Color can be applied in any number of ways in an event. Decorations, signs and printed material can all benefit from using a consistent color scheme.

For events requiring a bit more pizzazz, incorporating patterns can certainly help turn heads. Patterns are particularly useful in otherwise plain spaces and can be used to effectively break up a room. Patterns can as simple as stripes or as intricate as florals – it’s all up to you and what you think your space will best benefit from!

Plants and objects

Breaking up a space with plants and bulky objects like furniture can very easily transform the feel of an event. When considering furniture, it’s important to not just consider what kind (tables, benches etc), but what style of furniture you would like to incorporate. An event with mid-century style furniture will have a hugely different feel to that of an event showcasing modern designer furniture.

Plants are scientifically proven to elevate moods, which in turn helps to make your guests feel more at home. Using different types of plants can also lend to more stylistic options being made available. This, in conjunction with furniture choice, makes the visual events of your event almost limitless!

Elevating Your Brand With Mesmerising Event Design
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