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Avoid Common Event Risks

Planning for an event should always involve risk mitigation, but it’s not always possible to eliminate all risks entirely. Unexpected unfortunate surprises can negatively impact both the course of the event and the reputation of your event (if you were planning on hosting similar events in the future).

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, the team at Samson Hire have collected a few great tips to help better prepare you for some of the more common risks that might befall your event, whether it be a party, a sale, or a corporate event.

Blowing your budget

Creating a budget is a very difficult endeavor in the first place, so it can be very easy to go way over without proper care. This is particularly the case for larger events, where even the smaller costs can really add up and cause issues. An early setback can even leave you without funds to cover the more important things.

For those who haven’t written up a budget, we strongly recommend you do so unless you want to potentially experience chaos in the leadup to your event. Even for those who have create a budget, it never hurts to give it a few goings over to ensure you haven’t missed anything or have improperly allocated money somewhere. In you budget you should also always leave some wiggle room so that any surprise expenses can be covered, so make sure to not completely fill up your entire allowance with the core event needs.

Managing the flow of people

It is imperative for events to ensure that guests are properly catered for in terms of space. If your event involves lines (such as for food or purchases), ensure that you know how the line will be oriented so that passers-by aren’t blocked off.

If you are hosting people in a closed space, it is very important that you anticipate the number of people that will be attending. Crowded areas are a huge turn off for people, especially when combined with lines. In these examples, even having staff on hand to manage people can go a long way to making feel people more welcome.

If in a large space, a map of the area indicating where the important facilities and areas are can also greatly help prevent confusion.

Using low quality technology

On paper, the idea of using cheaper technology, such as speakers, projectors, microphones and music players, might be enticing, this approach can see your event take a hit if any one of these fails.

A great example involves using a second-hand projector from a garage sale – even though you might have gotten it for a great price on the day, if it fails during your important PowerPoint in front of hundreds of people, saving a few dollars is not worth the ensuing scramble.

It is during this scramble that other facets of your event can fall apart due to the new stress you might be facing. Running around will only divert precious attention from things that are more important for your event in the long-term.

Be ready with an action plan

With these common pitfalls in mind, your event should run a lot more smoothly with the knowledge and preparation to mitigate any issues. If you’re looking to host an event, one of the best things you can implement to avoid confusion are signs – if you’d like to know more about signs, or other common event risks, get in touch with the team at Samson hire today.

Easy Tips to Help Avoid Common Event Risks
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