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Event Signage

After all of the big planning that goes into an event, such as catering, furniture hire, lighting and similar large expenses, event signage might not initially appear as an important priority. This can be a mistake, though – effectively implemented event signage has the power to make an event. Similarly, poorly implemented signage, or a complete lack of signage at all, can confuse and even repel guests. In this blog, the team at Samson Hire demonstrate how signage can positively steer an event.

Moving past the no-frills understanding of signs

Signs obviously serve a function, and to that end many signs are produced with only the function in mind – they’re highly practical but drab and lifeless. Basic signs certainly have their place, but for an event that requires some eye-catching details, signs are a great way to really push a brand. This is part to an eye-catching sign being memorable through the use of interesting colours, shapes and dimensions.

This isn’t to say that a sign should always be over the top. If you create a sign that is form over function, you might confuse your guests and inadvertently sabotage your event. Instead, consider the fine balance between form and function and you’ll be well on your way to creating highly useful, but visually stimulating, signs for all of your guests.

Considering sign placement

Good signage takes more than just the large banners or roadside signs that you might be using to promote your event. Signs should be located everywhere in an event, even in the more unassuming spaces. Bathrooms, food and drink vendors, entrances and exits, designated information/customer service areas and locations in which crowds or lines gather all present invaluable opportunities to implement visually interesting signs.

Signs will be implemented differently depending on the event (for example, a corporate function will be quite dissimilar to a music festival), so its also very important to consider your audience when deciding on signs and placement.

Unconventional uses of signs

Sign placement is often consistent among events, so thinking out of the box is a great way to have signs better noticed.

Rooftop balloons: rooftop balloons are an excellent way for those looking for some immediate impact with their signs. A combination of internal illumination, a height of 6 metres and vibrant colouring makes attracting passers-by with custom signs a simple process.

Stair wraps: stair wraps make use of otherwise unused stair spaces by cleverly demonstrating custom messages. The impact of the message is made all the more apparent with the unconventional positioning – those taking stairs or an escalator will have no way to not see your sign as they walk up.

Furniture: tables offer a great platform onto which you can place signs, alongside whatever else you might require the table for. Even if they’re placed alongside event information, it’ll help get your sign noticed quicker. Chairs can also be very easily used – drape your message or sign across the chairback to effectively transform your functional furniture into advertising beacons!

Barriers: barriers are often required to manage crowds, but they also serve as an excellent canvas onto which you can place signage. Crowds will invariably see these signs, particularly if they’re having to wait in line for any reason.

Need quality signage for your next event?

If you believe you might benefit from the advertising power of a rooftop balloon or roadside sign, Samson Hire can help you out. Get in touch with our friendly team today, and you’ll be well on the way to having your brand noticed at your next event.

Better Understanding Event Signage
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